we are rêve


The emergence of the dynamic band, RÊVE, is not only a dream realized, but the ultimate multi-sensory experience that signals a new era of imagination-laced storytelling through its fusion of classical, indie rock, and avant-garde sound and its visceral approach to performance.

In the past year alone, RÊVE has already set game-changing precedence on the music scene: performing to loyal fans and enthusiastic crowds in the US and Canada; completing their music film “Maid of Heaven” with actor, Steve Agee (Sarah Silverman Program, New Girl); and is currently on track to achieve global influence and reach promoting the release of their new album “La Marionnette".


Athena Hiotis | vocals, keys, guitar

Nicholas Kosmas | bass

Alejandro Fariña | guitar

Benjamin Hoyt | violin

Shareef Taher | drums



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